• Sharon M. Thompson


I watched ‘The Gentlemen’, not once, but twice. Not on the same night. The first time I watched it I knew I’d see it again, to pick apart the good bits and understand why I enjoyed it so much.

I didn’t mind the C word sprinkled throughout, used by the different characters. It’s that type of movie. Bad things happen, and when it did, out spewed that colourful word. I goggled how many times - apparently fifteen, but it seemed a lot more. I tried looking for the script to search for the word, but couldn’t find the screenplay on line.

My favourite line with the c-word that I could remember - “Don’t be c**ty.” I will use that line. Thanks, Guy!

Hugh Grant surprised me. In all honesty, the first time I watched it I kept thinking who is that man, why is he so familiar? I couldn’t put my finger on the person. I goggled, surprised by the revelation! He played a great role. Not the usual sickly sweet type of roles, but a gritty, devious private eye. Onya Hugh play more of those roles!

They packed the movie with top-notch actors. Some movie critics have labelled the movie predictable and dull. Sure, it’s a drug gangster movie with your typical fighting to get to the top. But the dialogue was sharp and witty. Each actor bringing their own unique style. Colin Farrell—as Coach—adorned suits while trying to teach wayward youths how to fight. A man committed to his word. An honourable man. Some might even say caring. But... he has a way of making people do what he wants. I laugh when I think of the pig scene.

Matthew McConaughey still a screen draw. In this movie, he conveyed his emotions well in his eyes. Never get on the wrong side of Mickey Pearson and never, ever touch his wife. Otherwise you’ll find yourself fighting for your life.

Charlie Hunnam played Raymond Smith, he appeared polished and well mannered until you pushed him too far. Another great scene when Raymond pulled out the automatic machine gun while trying to get a phone back from some street punks. Refined to a point. Then bang, the gangster comes out.

The plot had enough twists to keep me interested. I loved the way Hugh Grant—Fletcher—told the story. With enough humour thrown in to move the story along. Wondering what on earth would happen next!

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and would watch it again.

Four stars from me and well worth the watch!!

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