Hi I'm Sharon M. Thompson. Welcome!


I'm not one to follow the norm. Preferring to forge forward on my own terms. 

I grew up wanting to be a writer. I loved reading. Still do. And not just books. 

LOVE how words evoke deep emotions. 

How they TRANSPORT us to places that don't exist.

How we use them to express our FEELINGS to someone we love. Or dislike.

Sometimes the words may be emotionally RICH.

At times they'll make us throw our heads back and LAUGH


And clever people understand the POWER when influencing others to buy.


I didn't start my career off writing. 

I've cleaned. Worked in bars. Served people in restaurants. Did a stint in the Navy as a medical assistant.  Operated mining equirement - trucks, dozers, and graders. Spent over two decades working in occupational health and safety in senior and executive positions across Australia in mining, construction, and transport and logistics. 


Every job I took on I did my BEST. 

There were moments I thought I'd found my calling and even did pretty good!  

I took courses in writing to hone my skills, to learn things, and build up the belief I could write and earn a decent income while doing something I loved!


I spent five years—while still working—writing my first novel (which ended up being the third one I published). I read some of this to Mum in August 2014 while she was in hospital in her final days fighting cancer. She inspired me to keep chasing my dream. Reminded me of how much I wanted to be a writer when I could barely read a word. 


SHE TRANSPORTED ME BACK TO A MAGICAL TIME and reignited my passion of becoming a full-time writer, because we're only here for a brief stint. 


I took the plunge in 2018. Backed myself. Free dove into the abyss believing somehow, I'd survive! There's no greater power knowing you're living your souls calling and helping others to achieve their dreams.

I live in Perth Western Australia with my two dogs Ollie and Jack.

I'm also a copywriter. You can find me over at www.visionarycopy.com