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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

It's been a while since I posted anything.

I won’t lie, writing, and publishing hasn’t been easy. I’ve made mistakes. Put trust in people, gave them two, sometimes three chances, only to be disappointed. That is my doing. I generally follow my gut and when I don't - even when it’s screaming at me to do the opposite - I’ve paid the price. Bottom line, always listen to your gut.


I’ve spent the last few weeks rebranding the covers in the first series, and updating the books. I even tried another provider for my website but that didn’t turn out, so I’ve gone back to my original provider. My fault. Seems I’m terrible at coding. Unfortunately, I now need to wait a few weeks to have my domain transferred back. At present I have a coming soon page highlighting my rebranding until I've updated everything and transferred the domain.

Another lesson in my writing journey.

There were times I wanted to chuck it in.

Give up.

Forget about the dream.

Move on.

Go back to a full time nine to five job.


I’m still plugging on.

Driven to do what I love, and earn enough to live a simple comfortable life.

Stay tuned. New announcements are coming. A rebranding reveal is fast approaching, and a new genre reveal is coming. I’m writing under a pen name - Smitty Joan. Smitty is a combination of my initials, and letters in my son's first names. Joan was my mum’s middle name.

COVID-19 may have disrupted my life - as it has so many others - but it’s given me a push to be more determined than ever! I can do this!

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Let’s make the rest of 2020 great!

Gratitude +++ sending love and light your way.

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