SECRETS - Book 1


A dead mother. A father in a coma. A daughter struggling without her parents. 

Before the car accident Jasmine Steele led a privileged life with her loving parents.

Now they're gone Jasmine must step up and run her father's construction business. 

But who can she trust? 

Convinced she knows who's behind the car accident she sets out to even the score and along the way uncovers SECRETS she doesn't believe. 

Now they're coming to collect.

Can a good girl fight and stay alive long enough to uncover the truth?

SECRETS is Book 1 in the LAYERED REVENGE THRILLER SERIES. If you like thrillers, with twists and turns, you’ll love Sharon’s debut novel. It's a page turner with a dash awkwardness and Aussie humour.

Ideally the series should be read in order due to the continuing story line.



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One Video. Two hunt for the truth. Two want the secret to remain hidden.  

Jasmine Steele's life changed when a car accident killed her mum and left her dad in a coma.

Now a video has surfaced which may explain why. 

But is Jasmine tough enough to uncover the truth before Steve takes everything from her?

At fourteen Madison Hacket was reped, but no one beleived her because she could''t remember the details. Now all she wants is to move away and start again.

Will Madison's addiction and hate blind her from discovering the truth?

Steve Hacket owns a successful construction business and will do anything to get what he wants.

Will Steve sacrifice twin daughter's—Madison and Cassie—to get his hands on Jasmine's business?

What happens when four people are thrown together and uncover a secret? 

Will death be the ultimate price?

VENGEFUL follows on from SECRETS—Jasmine’s journey to uncover the truth.

If you like thrillers with twists and turns, and a dash of awkwardness, you’ll love VENGEFUL Book 2 in the LAYERED REVENGE THRILLER SERIES. 




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One secret. Three dead. And it's not over yet.


It's been twelve months since Jasmine forced Steve's hand. She's naive, and awkward, and continues to dig for answers. But caring for people has given Steve a way to get back in.

How will she respond when faced with death again?

After rehab Madison Hacket started a new life. But Steve—her father—won't let go and persuades her to help destroy Jasmine's business.

Will Madison follow through with the plan or will  her desire to start over make her stop?

Steve Hacket wants what he wants. And he'll do anything to make his family help.

What secret will he share to destroy everyone?

RUTHLESS is the much anticipated third book in the LAYERED REVENGE THRILLER SERIES. 

Jasmine's quest to uncover the truth.



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Two women band together to bring a man down. One man hunts to finish them off.  Bring them together—someone’s not leaving alive. 

It’s four months since Steve Hacket killed Jasmine’s dad and disappeared. 

Jasmine Steele and Madison Hacket want Steve to pay for what he did. But they take risks with people they care for and put lives in jeopardy.  

Steve has one final secret to divulge. What better place to reveal the truth than where it all started. He’s forces everyone together to make an unthinkable choice.

RELENTLESS is the much anticipated fourth and final book in the LAYERED REVENGE THRILLER SERIES—Jasmine’s final journey to uncover the truth.




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