• Sharon M. Thompson


Book 3 RUTHLESS launched.

There are family and friends who have encouraged and supported me along my journey. Sometimes it may have been a quick text to ask, ‘How are you going?’, or a message to say, ‘Can’t wait for the next book’, or just a, ‘Hello, it’s been too long between catch ups’. Without you guys the journey would have been tougher, and I appreciate you‘re in my life. 💖

Thanks to my sons Orry and Warwick. To my friends—Kylie Fogarty, Helen Walters and Tamara Deetman for the messages, phone calls and catch ups that have kept me going.😘

To my two buddies—my dogs Ollie and Jack—who wait patiently close by ready to pounce when I move from my desk. You make my world a better place. Your unconditional love is awesome and I feel blessed! 🐹🐹

To my talented cover designer—Kristina. Another fabulous cover! Your level of professionalism and commitment is commendable. I love our conversations about writing and cover designs. Thank you. 📚

To my editor Melanie—thanks. I’m grateful beyond words. You are communicative, flexible and help me to make my work better. Any errors are entirely my fault!✍️

Chasing our dreams is tough BUT when we reach them we feel awesome!. Chin chin to dreaming big and never giving up! 🥂🥂

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