• Sharon M. Thompson


Call me crazy, with a tight schedule in place here I am wrting a post. My brain is screaming at me to STOP and get back to wrting, but there's another voice going yeah, yeah everything will be fine, just chill. JUST CHILL ahhh NO, that's not going to get the words written! But what do I do—I keep typing the post.

As a writer finding the right people to partner with can be difficult. Sure, you can take on recommendations, get samples, go searching the net, and hope like crazy you find the right fit, but no matter what you do you can never gauge if the person you select will align to how you work.

It appears three seems to be the perfect number for me. It took three lots of cover designers before I found a talented, competent and competitively price designer. It took three goes to find a professional, competitively priced, and on schedule editor. It's not always just about the individuals completing the work, it's about the relationship you develop, and how you correspond, and articulate ideas together. There's the personal touch as well. I like to know what the people are like on a day-to-day basis, because it's unlikely you'll ever meet these people face to face. These relationships are developed over the internet, mainly by emails and messages, and I'm entrusting these people with my passion, so I need to know they are human and what makes them tick.

I feel blessed I have found two people to partner with to become a successful author. Because without these talented individuals my books wouldn't be where they are now.

Cover designer - Kristina Henneke www.dreamscapepress.com

Copy/Proof Editor - Melanie Underwood www.melanieunderwood.co.uk

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