• Sharon M. Thompson


Updated: Jun 28, 2020

This post isn't related to my journey of writing. It's a reminder of the evil side of human nature. Most of us can't relate to the evil, or understand why, and hope we NEVER come face to face with these monsters.

I have family in Christchurch New Zealand, and thankfully they are safe. My sister—Angela—was on duty at one of the hospital's where some of the patients were transported to. A nurse.


I open the news and see bloodstained soaked clothes. I place a hand to my throat and think US, England, maybe Paris?

Tears form in my eyes.

I can’t shake the image of a bare chested man sitting on a seat with his head thrown back talking on a phone.

These people were in prayer.

Saying thank you.

They would never have expected a bullet to rip through their bodies and end their lives.

The word Christchurch caught my eye.

Christchurch NZ, where two of my sisters, and numerous nieces and nephews reside.

Are they alright?

Fifty dead.

Countless seriously hurt.

My brain can’t comprehend why?



Why the fuck why?

What right did you have?

But let me tell you this.

What ever your beliefs are...


Sharon M. Thompson

To all the families, friends, colleagues, and neighbours who have been affected I send you love and light.

To all the police and government agencies who fight to keep our countries safe. Thank you! You risk your lives daily attempting to keep these monsters at bay.

To the emergency services personnel and hospital staff faced with this carnage—may love and light surround you today, and when you finally get to sleep.

I for one are grateful for you all!

Thank you. ⭐️🦋🌈🙏💕

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