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A serial kidnapper. A vigilante serving justice. A man determined to find his love.

Madison Hacket is tough and damaged. A rule breaker. A vigilante for hire. The man she’s hunting is a serial kidnapper, who takes a liking to her. Trouble is no one knows where she is when he kidnaps her. Can Madison play by his rules to survive?

Lance has a weakness, he likes to bite woman, and the only way he can satisfy his desire is to kidnap and control them. And he’s got Madison where he wants her — in his basement. Can Lance keep his urges from escalating further, while keeping Madison a secret from his second wife?

Matt Anaru let Madison leave. It’s what she wanted. She’s left him before because of her alcohol and sex addiction. He’s convinced she’s gone missing. But no one believes him, and he can’t find her on his own. Can Matt convince the Holt Agency to find her and bring her home?

WRONG CHOICE is Book 1 in A HOLT AGENCY THRILLER — A group of vigilantes serving justice. 


The HOLT AGENCY SERIES is a spin off from the LAYERED REVENGE THRILLER SERIES. It is not necessary to have read the first series. This series can be read as stand alone books. 

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SECRETS: A fast-paced and murderous introduction to this revenge thriller series set in Australia. Full of twists and turns it keeps you guessing throughout. 

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VENGEFUL: The story has a plot that draws you in and makes you yearn to know more. The authors knowledge of WA and the FIFO industry shines. Can't wait to read the next installment.  

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RUTHLESS: This series is really different and keeps you guessing throughout. A real page-turner and I love the clever style of the writing with the story being told from the three differing points of view.

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Book 1 - Layered Revenge Thriller Series

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